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Home staging has become an industry standard in many markets as it is a powerful marketing tool since early 2000.

Real estate work with Certified Home Stagers for 5 TOP REASONS:


Impress buyers 

First impressions are everything. It only takes 10 seconds for a buyer to decide whether or not they love the home. Those 10 seconds start counting down as soon as the buyer steps through the front door. If you want to wow the buyer, make sure that the first thing they see makes them feel welcomed and inspired. A staged home is designed to showcase its best assets

Sell it quickly for the highest possible price


Another reason to stage is that it can increase the amount that the home sells for— by up to 5%!


Staging reduces time on the market 

According to research staged homes sell faster than un-staged ones. 

Staging Shows the Buyer How to Live in the Space

When buyers come into an empty place, they may have trouble envisioning themselves in the space. Staging shows them a glimpse of how to live in the home.

Home stagers apply concealer and lipstick.


No, we don’t paint or apply makeup, truly, but in a way we do. Stagers can rearrange your furnishings and décor to hide the flaws, allowing buyers to focus on possibilities and features, not imperfections. And we do add a little pop to your décor and the finishing touches —lipstick and diamonds earrings.


Dining Room and Kitchen Interior


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