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Hi, and welcome to IM Home Staging & Co, which stands for Ilva Murati Home Staging Corporation.


I have been a Certified Home Stager since May 2020. IM Home Staging & Co is a newbie, but with the potential of growing clientele, because I believe any home has to the potential to WOW buyers. How is that achieved? Placing close attention to detail, accent on color, space light and eye catching art. 

The mission of IM Home Staging & Co is simple: STAGE IT, STYLE IT & SELL IT.

My goal is to help make your home more appealing to a buyer by using interior designing and accessories that highlight the strengths of the house and hides the flaws. I stage to get the highest return of investment of your property.


I listen to Realtors concerns about their upcoming listing, from "the place feels dated" to "there is too much going on in the house".IM Home Staging & Co helps you to reduce your clutter, reorganize your space, and provide a finished product ready for market. I create a unique desifn for you, so buyers can invision their future home. 


I offer services in Albanian, French and Spanish; this allows me to work with different ethnic groups and enhance my cross-cultural experience. 


Stephanie Teuta Haxhillari- Real Estate & Broker Re/ma

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